Kitsurfing can be thought of as a further development of windsurfing – with one fundamental difference: there is a board and a sail, but these are not linked. The kite is actually a stunt kite that makes the board glide across the water surface and helps kitesurfers perform jumps and tricks in the air.

Unlike with windsurfing, you do not need a strong wind to kitesurf, but can choose a stunt kit of the appropriate size according to the weather conditions. The sport is practiced mainly on the northern end of Lake Garda (from Malcesine on the eastern shore to Torbole and Riva, as wellas Campione on the other shore), as there are set times in which only kite- and windsurfers are allowed on the water.

The number of sports centres and clubs has increased in recent years. There you can take lessons, find information and rent equipment.

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